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Spruce up your balcony – The Hindu

Teja Lele Desai

September 22, 2017 14:44 IST


September 22, 2017 14:44 IST

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Modern living has taken a toll on open spaces. Forget dogs running around in gardens and long walks barefoot on lawns, we now have to live with — and within — enclosed balconies and verandahs.

But how do you set up this little slice of outdoors so that you feel like you have the best open spot in the world? We give you plenty of ways:

n A completely shaded balcony gets an elegant vibe with wooden flooring. Perfect for your little night out!

n Always loved street-side cafés? Make your balcony a little café for two with a smart table, some chairs and pots of colourful flowers.

n A little table, chair and some artefacts can transform a boring balcony into the cosiest nook ever.

n If you need some more shade, a small awning will do the trick. And provided a spot of colour too!

n A sun umbrella will enhance shaded space if you have a balcony that’s not completely covered.

n Old saris and dupattas get a new life as billowing drapes, and completely change the appearance of this space.

n Think about your balcony as you would about any room in your home. Give the elements some thought to create an inviting ambience.

n No place for a table? Why not bring in this funky piece of furniture that can be attached to the grill. Bonus: It can be moved up or down.

n If you want a space that’s different, think differently. Benches, trunks and ottomans add some spice to a balcony or sitouts.

n Boring metal furniture can be the star of this spot if you grab some paint and give it a new look.

n Colourful cushions can completely change the mood of your balcony. Keep updating such accessories as seasons change.

n Give your pot and plant placement some thought. You can line them up or cluster them in little bunches for maximum impact.

n A little herb garden in the corner is perfect for a wonderful fragrance and that last-minute garnishing.

n Hang up a hammock to bring in the holiday vibe and put you in the mood for good times.

n A few shelves give you space to put away some books and knick-knacks, and can be styled as per your mood.

n A really small balcony? Explore the vertical dimension by installing a vertical trellis to hang pots.

n Some DIY time can give regular clay pots a complete makeover. Truly neighbour’s envy, owner’s pride.

n Look for décor elements in a variety of textures can create a multi-layered space.

n The right lighting will ensure that your space goes from day to night beautifully.

n Be it fairy lights or a vintage fixture, choose your lighting with care to enjoy your nightly sojourns.

n Streamlined wooden furniture and black and white accents will give your balcony a Scandinavian feel.

n Play with low furniture, river rocks, bamboo accents and bonsai for a Japanese kind of space.

n Work colourful mirror-worked cushions, bright curtains and a dhurrie for an exclusive Indian look.

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