Drop in wind power generation

There has been a significant drop in wind power generation recently, owing to fluctuating weather.

Against the normal wind power generation of 3,500 MW to 4,000 MW daily in the State, it came down to 1,100 MW to 1,200 MW on Friday, sources told The Hindu on Saturday.

However, the drop did not have much impact as electricity consumption demand also dipped, owing to the chill weather following the rain.

Unusually, the electricity consumption demand in the State declined to 12,400 MW on Friday against the daily average consumption of 13,000 MW to 14,000 MW and it was 12,900 MW on September 4. Its consumption was expected to come down further as more rains were predicted in the coming days, the sources said.

Reliable sources said days after August 30, when 2,400 MW under Tirunelveli circle, its generation suffered a dip considerably on August 31 with 980 MW and it was 470 MW on September 1.

For the next couple of days, it increased to 901 MW and 998 MW respectively. Yet again, it decreased to 743 MW on September 4. However, weather forecast predicted that wind energy generation would continue to dwindle until September 20.

Currently, only two units of Tuticorin Thermal Power Station each with a capacity of 210 MW are functional as electricity consumption demand declined following rains and chill weather. Three units of TTPS were on standby, the sources said.

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