A 61-year-old dispute resolved at National Lok Adalat

Justice delayed may not always mean justice denied. This was proved at the Lok Adalat here on Saturday. Believe it or not! A case pertaining to 1956 was addressed and finally resolved in the Lok Adalat.

According to District Judge B. Sai Kalyan Chakravarthi, there was dispute among 24 persons — four petitioners and 20 respondents — regarding division of agriculture land to the extent of 405 acres. During the course of proceedings the petitioners number one and two and respondents 1,2,6,9,11,20,21,22,25,26,27 and 41 died.

Time lines

However, the court proceedings continued by bringing their legal representatives on record. At present, seven petitioners and 48 respondents are on record. Two generations passed and it is the third generation that has been representing the case.

“With the active intervention by of Chairman District Legal Services Authority cum Principal District and Sessions Judge, several pre-conciliation sittings were made between the advocates on record and the parties. The parties were enlightened about their rights and as well as the time that the proceedings may take to get a resolution on the issue on hand. The parties and advocates on record came over out of their free will and volition, they informed the court that the matter was amicably resolved. The terms were reduced into writing between the parties after the settlement was effected,” said a note released by the district legal services authority (DLSA).

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